I have recieved a request to click on a link to register but it takes me to the sign up page when I click it….How can I finish my registration?
Once you click the link and are redirected to the sign up page, your registration in complete and you are good to go!

Can I view the course videos from my iPad?
These training videos require a Flash player and unfortunately won’t be viewable on the iPad.

When I try to log in, my Username and Password are not working from the previous courses.
The Scott Glen Courses are entirely different from previous courses offered here at Sheepdog Training Courses.  You will need to register when you purchase your first Scott Glen course.  Please feel free to use your Username and Password from before however, you will need to be registered with the Scott Glen Courses. Once you registered, you will be able to purchase other Scott Glen courses with your username and password as new courses become available.

I’ve tried to change my password but am not receiving the email to make it happen…help!
Be sure to check your spam folder…sometimes servers route communication from sheepdogtrainingcourses.com to a spam folder without you knowing.  If at all possible, please add sheepdogtrainingcourses.com to your safe sender list to keep this from happening.

What should I do if the video is not showing up?
A good place to start is try logging out and logging back in. If the video does not show up on your member page, please send an email using the contact tab.

I can view the first few minutes of the video, but then the video
stops. What do I do?
Your internet connection may be having trouble keeping up with the amount of information being sent to your computer. The computer needs time to load the video into the buffer. Simply hit the pause button and wait a few minutes, then hit play again. In the future, hit pause when the video begins and wait a few minutes before watching to allow the video to be stored in the buffer before you try to view it. If this does not work, please email us using the “Contact” tab.

How long will the course be available to me?
From the date of purchase, each course will be available for two months.

Can I share this class with friends?
By all means, please tell your friends about the training courses. However, please keep your password and class material for your own personal use.  Sheepdog Training Courses and Scott Glen have worked together to keep the courses affordable and thank you in advance for your support and respect in this matter.