The Started Dog with Scott Glen

The Started Dog with Scott Glen includes four visual training sessions, audio sessions that allow you to listen in as Scott answers previously submitted questions for each of the training sessions via MP3, easy reference written answers from each audio session, and 4 homework assignments focusing on the training presented in each session. All content will be delivered to you upon purchase and you will have access to this content for two months to work through the course at your leisure. Please note: Scott will not be available to answer further questions for this particular course however, the Q&A provided with the course is packed with answers to the most common questions.

The Started Dog includes the following four sessions:

*Extending the Outrun
Extending the Outrun takes off where The Young Dog’s Developing Flexibility on the Outrun left off.  You will learn techniques for lengthening a dog’s outruns  including  a look at beginning to bend dogs out, if the dog is tight.

* The Long Line Effect for Inside Flanks
Have you ever wondered how Scott Glen puts nice, clean inside/off balance flanks on his dogs?  The Long Line Effect will teach you just that!  Scott will demonstrate how to begin to teach inside/off balance flanks with his unique, special method that allows for consistency and understanding as the dog transitions from outside/balance flanks to inside/off balance flanks.

*The No Stop Zone
In part two of inside/off balance flanks, learn about the zone where a dog should not initially be stopped. Scott Glen will show how to make the transition to encouraging dogs to come in between you and the sheep for flanks and how to progress to being able to stop a dog anywhere when it comes to balance and off-balance flanks.

* Lifting Off People
As you begin to think about trialing your dog, teaching a dog to lift off people is a skill often overlooked.  Scott will walk you through proper ways of holding sheep while allowing young dogs to lift off people with success.  In addition, Scott will demonstrate techniques to build confidence as the dogs move to longer outruns with sheep held by both people and dogs.

Cost: $99.00

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