The Young Dog with Scott Glen

The Young Dog with Scott Glen includes four visual training sessions, audio sessions that allow you to listen in as Scott answers previously submitted questions for each of the training sessions via MP3, easy reference written answers from each audio session, and 4 homework assignments focusing on the training presented in each session. All content will be delivered to you upon purchase and you will have access to this content for two months to work through the course at your leisure. Please note: Scott will not be available to answer further questions for this particular course however, the Q&A provided with the course is packed with answers to the most common questions.

The Young Dog with Scott Glen includes the following four sessions:

*Starting the Young Dog
In Starting the Young dog you will get a front row seat as Scott Glen brings a young dog to sheep for the first time. You will see what Scott sees as he assesses the dog’s readiness for training. Scott will also show you a dog that is ready to start formal training. During this session, you will get first hand understanding of the importance of the application of and release of pressure.

*Balance and Confidence with the Young Dog
In this session, you will clearly see what balance on sheep looks like for a young dog just starting out. You will begin to understand the importance of balance while Scott shows you how to help a young dog find balance. You will have a good look at ways to help a young dog develop confidence with sheep while continuing the journey of training up a working sheepdog.

*Moving to the Arena and Introduction of Commands with the Young Dog
In this session, Scott will move two young dogs from the round pen to a bigger training area, while emphasizing consistency building on his training foundation of the use of pressure, the release of pressure, and beginning to develop a stop. You will also learn how to begin to start putting commands on a young dog.

*Developing Flexibility on the Outrun with the Young Dog
In this session, you will learn how Scott Glen starts to lengthen the outrun on a young dog while developing flexibility and the art of listening. Building on the foundation that was started in the smaller training areas: pressure, release of pressure, balance and the stop will be taken to the next level as you continue to learn how to train a young working sheepdog.

Cost: $99.00

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